Bracelets & Beads

    Anchor Rope Bracelets and Beads

    Going for a layered look? From boat cords to genuine leather charm bracelets, we have a growing collection of beads, bands and beyond to help you make the perfect statement. Shop now through our Sydney-based website for easy delivery to your door.

    Anchor Wristbands, Leather Straps, and More

    If you’re used to making a statement with your watch, chances are you’re comfortable with wearing your style on your sleeve. Because so many of our customers are dedicated to maintaining a high-quality collection of accessories, we’re catering to the masses by growing our own range of bracelets, wristbands and beads. Among the many options in stock at our Sydney HQ, we include:

    - Anchor rope bracelets

    - Semi-precious stone beads, and

    - Leather cords

    Why? So you can tailor our look of the day based on your occasion, event, or mood. With strong metal clasps or magnetised fasteners, every one of our accessory lines has been chosen as carefully as our watch straps and bands. Wondering how you can choose among the mix? We recommend:

    - Looking for significance: Some of our beaded bracelets are made from semi-precious stones that represent specific energies, birth dates, or events. Have a special occasion or present to shop for? Consider matching your stone selection with the person or day.

    - Check the materials: If you’re into adventurous sports or heading off-trail, chances are you’ll want to ensure your accessories can withstand a lot of wear and tear. If this sounds like you, we recommend anchor leather (that you’re willing to let soften and break in) or a corded rope. While beads and stones offer a unique look, they are much more prone to damage, breakage, or snapping when you’re putting in the hard yards.

    - Look at sizing: No different than shopping for a new watch, we always recommend checking both the length and cord diameter. If your wrist circumference is less than 160mm, you’ll want to ensure that your piece has an adjustable clasp or opt for a small. Sitting between 180mm or above 180mm? Above 180mm usually opt for a large size or any size that can be adjusted up and down with different clasp holes or fasteners.

    Anchor Wristbands and Bracelets

    Established out of the lower Eastern Suburbs in Sydney, we are a local team that values the quality, workmanship, and design that goes into your wristbands, straps, and accessories as much as you do.

    With fast local delivery and free shipping for most orders above $20, we’re an Australian team that search the globe for the best trending brands and bring them back to you.

    Have questions about our products? Check out the Sydney Strap Co blog today.