Perlon Straps

    Perlon Straps for Your Growing Watch Collection

    Broadening your prized collection? As watch enthusiasts, we appreciate the importance of having a selection of high-quality, top-notch timepieces and watch accessories to change up your everyday look. Whether you’re at work, on the road, or going on your next adventure, The Sydney Strap Co shop has the right band for you.

    New to the world of Perlon? Check out our list of top benefits about this hard-wearing material below and why you should invest in knotted nylon for your next purchase. Already onboard? We also round up our best advice as to how to care for your purchase to get the best life out of your investment.

    How to Maintain Your Perlon Watch Straps

    Before your purchase arrives on your doorstep anywhere across Australia, some good things to know include:

    - Perlon is a man-made fibre similar to nylon with one key difference—the fabric is woven together through intricate rings making the material less likely to wear, fray, or split over time.

    - Even with such a strong, synthetic material, Perlon makes for a breathable, wearable textile due to its braided weave. For those looking to wear the same piece every day, in hot weather, or when out on the road, the breathable texture makes it great for warm weather and sports.

    - A synthetic fabric, these bands are a great underwater solution for divers, swimmers, and surfers alike.

    Among our growing range, our Perlon bands are made from:

    - Soft, woven Perlon fibres

    - Adorned with resilient stainless steel hardware

    - Completely adjustable to fit any size wrist

    - Heat-sealed at the ends for added durability

    Already invested? To get the best life out of your piece, we recommend:

    - Regularly removing your timepiece and washing the band with soap and warm water. This will help remove dirt and debris that builds up over the course of regular wear. Use a soft cloth is you need to remove build-up before rinsing.

    - Gently drying it with a soft cloth to remove excess water. Although each strap is waterproof and able to be submerged. This will help get your wearables back to regular condition and wearable again in no time.

    Haven’t yet picked up a storage box? We recommend storing extra accessories in a specially lined leather, suede, or velvet valet box or watch roll when not in use. Why? Because this can minimise additional wear and tear from improper storage as well as minimise crease lines or folds when not in use.

    New Day, New Look: Changeable Perlon Watch Straps

    The Sydney Strap Co exists for one reason—to bring the very best quality and investment-worthy pieces to our Australian community. Founded and operated by watch enthusiasts in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, we scour the globe for the best manufacturers, suppliers, and makers of watch and leather accessories and educate our community with care guides, sizing instructions, and complementary pieces that will complete your look.

    Interested in a gift for yourself or a loved one? We offer express shipping Australia-wide so that you can make a great impression in no time. Contact our in-house team today if you have questions about a specific piece or want to make sure you’re buying the right fit for you.