Two Piece & Clasp Straps

    NATO Bands – Easy to Change Two-Piece Watch Straps

    Looking to make a statement? The Sydney Strap Co’s growing range of two-piece accessories are made from genuine leather or FKM rubber for a long-lasting, durable, and eye-catching band.

    Unsure about the difference between the two materials and which will best suit your lifestyle? Read on to learn more about the benefits of genuine cowhide and synthetic materials like nylon, and when you might to swap out and change one for the other.

    Shopping for FKM Rubber, NATO, Leather and Nylon Watch Straps

    If you’re anything like our team, you probably have a growing collection of watch bands. Australia’s online market for these continues to evolve, so we’ve worked hard to create a collection that suits your different styles and daily routines. With more and more products added over time, our customers can take their favourite accessories on the road, to work, and keep looking fresh at home.

    Among the many benefits of alternating your straps, you can enjoy:

    - Minimising the wear and tear (and maximising the life) of any one band. We appreciate not wanting to change up your strap too often—but trust us, it can be worth it.

    - Different materials for different uses. Into swimming, surfing, or diving? Make sure that whatever you’re wearing that day is meant for the water and will stay in good shape even when submerged for a length of time.

    - Changing up your look. Happy to change up your outfit now and again? Different materials give off different vibes—and we’re here for it. From real leather to stainless steel and even nylon watch straps, each base suits a lifestyle, activity level, and aesthetic.

    If you’re stumped for which choice among our two-piece collection will best suit you, we’re currently offering:

    - FKM rubber

    - Nylon watch straps

    - NATO straps for all watches

    - Genuine leather cowhide designs.

    If you’re new to these, some of the pros and cons include:

    - FKM Rubber: Designed for an active lifestyle, Fluro-FKM rubber is waterproof, dustproof, soft, and extremely durable. If you’re into wearing your watches underwater or out on the ski slopes, we recommend investing in a material that will move and bend with you and be protected from the elements. A sport-smart look, these quick release bands are easy to change but more casual in their aesthetic than leather or steel.

    - Real Leather: Sturdy, natural, and ready to stand the test of time, genuine cowhide is a strong material that gets softer and more comfortable in time. Less suitable for hard outdoor use or activities, we recommend keeping cowhide bands out of the water or harsh weather for any great length of time.

    Unsure about sizing? Most rubber and leather bands have multiple clasp holes so you can size up or down as needed. Further, we offer a sizing guide here to help you measure up a potential buy for either you or a loved one’s gift.

    Growing Your Collection: Nylon Watch Straps

    The Sydney Strap Co is more than just an accessories supplier—we’re a group who are as passionate about the accessories we sell as our customers. Scouring the globe for the latest trends, best brands, and new suppliers, we take pride in offering excellent quality products, great customer service, and fast shipping nationwide.

    Need to speak with one of our team? Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help navigate your next purchase so that you know it’s one piece that will stand the test of time.