Watch Storage

    Watch Storage: The Importance of Maintaining Your Straps

    Have you been diving deep into the world of watches but haven’t yet picked up a proper storage box, satchel, or roll? As accessory and timepiece enthusiasts ourselves, we’re proud to be an Australian founded and operating company that delivers top-quality products, education, and guidance to our community.

    To learn more about the importance of properly storing your investments—and which types of solutions might work best for you—read on. Wondering if a valet tray or watch roll is right for you? We think that after this read you’ll be jumping on board with a new case in no time.

    Watch Rolls, Storage Boxes, and More: Keeping Straps Safe

    We get it—when it comes to a new hobby you love, you’re all in. We’re the same—which is why we have invested in and offer The Sydney Strap Co community storage solutions for all of their favourite bands, accessories, and timepieces.

    Wondering what all of the fuss is about? Just a few of the benefits of having a dedicated space for your investments include:

    - Proper care: Buying a box, roll, or valet tray that is made from leather, suede, or velvet will ensure that your collection stays scratch free when not in use. Even for the hardest wearing materials, like nylon and Perlon, avoiding unnecessary pressure, scratches, and scrapes when you’re not wearing your watch is the best way to get a long life out of your favourite bands.

    - Minimise wear: First and foremost, watch rolls protect your design from being stored in the top drawer of your bedside table. Secondly, importantly, using a roll or dedicated satchel that can accommodate the length of your band minimises the chances of a timepiece being stored on a ‘fold’. What is a fold? Think about the times you’ve bent your strap on a fold to keep it stored away or in a small space. Folding can increase the chance of unwanted creasing or potential breakage—the last thing you want for your favourite accessory.

    - Travelling: If you’re planning on taking away a few options when you hit the road, protect your favourite timepieces and straps from damage or getting lost by storing them in a proper case and packing them away. An easier way to stay organised and get ready when away from home, a dedicated case should be sturdy, have a soft, safe lining, and prevent any damage or breakage from suitcase handling.

    The Sydney Strap Co: Watch Storage Solutions

    The Sydney Strap Co is proud to bring the best men’s and women’s timepieces in the industry to Australia for our dedicated, accessory loving community, from military watch straps to unique designs and beyond.

    Appreciating the time, effort, and care you put into your everyday look, we’re happy to put in the extra effort needed to educate our community about best care, fit, and sizing practices. Need a hand navigating the right purchase for you? Check out our sizing recommendations here as well as the solutions we offer to keep your next purchase in top shape.