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Sydney Strap Co: Premium Watch Bands in Australia

From Apple to one piece military nylon, Fitbit, and more, Sydney Strap Co has been a leading provider of Australian watch bands since 2015 for those interested in blending personality and style.

We believe that every accessory tells a story and that one of the easiest ways to shape yours is to change your strap. Appreciating that life’s different moments and milestones call for different styles, our premium collection includes smart watches, leather bands, and one piece nylon so that you never have to leave one of your finishing accessories behind.

Interested in learning more about our business and the story behind the brand? Read on to see how our Australian-based company came to be and how we’ve become one of the country’s go-to suppliers.

Australian Watch Accessories

We believe that nothing beats quality except where quality is matched with price. Sourcing from and matching to the industry’s best timepieces, our pieces can change your favourite accessory to match the occasion or event. From formal wear to outdoor sports, we’ve considered our client’s different lifestyle needs and found a premium solution to match.

Among the brands we support, our team stocks:

And styles including Perlon, leather, and One Piece. With two-piece fasteners, cowhide, and extra durable metal clasps designed for tough wear and tear, we’re proud to be a go-to source for interchangeable bands that will suit every event in your life.

Buying Watch Straps Online

Established in the lower Eastern Suburbs, Sydney Strap Co is a proudly Australian owned and operated company that looks far and wide for top global trends and suppliers.

The first official Australian stockist of The Executive Seatbelt One Piece Collection, our team continually leads the way for timepieces and watch accessories. Believing that a simple clock can be a masterpiece, our collection balances durability, longevity, and great design.

Have you been looking for a local company to source your next favourite piece from? Check out our blog to learn more about sizing guides, best practices for changing accessories, or read one of our over 3,500 reviews.

Dedicated to bringing Australians premium quality, excellent customer service, and style, feel free to browse through our range for straps, watch storage solutions, and luxury accessories including cuff links, pocket squares, and polishing cloths.

Ready to upgrade your look? Welcome to the Sydney Strap Co-we’ve got your next favourite piece waiting for you.