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Get ready (naughty) for our Australian Autumn with our Norty Torties!

Our unisex tortoiseshell style sunglasses with copper coloured gradient lense will be your staple go to pair of sunnies this year. Featuring a polycarbonate constructed lense, these sunnies will keep both your eyes and you cool. Features a beautifully constructed matte finish tortoiseshell style frame.

Each lense is measured approximately 5cm high and 5.2cm wide, with a round shape. These torties also feature a gradient lense depicting a sharp fade from dark to light (from top to bottom).

These sunnies are 'the business' for both men and women.

Sunglasses will be shipped tag-less, in a plastic seal bag, and inside a blue water-proof soft pouch with drawstring. Bubble wrapped in transit.



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