3 Watch Blogs any watch geek MUST have bookmarked

3 Watch Blogs any watch geek MUST have bookmarked - The Sydney Strap Co.

If you're a true watch geek, then you're guilty of this every day... You get home from work, you have some dinner, put your kids to bed (if you have them), then you hop on the computer and open all your bookmarked watch blogs and related websites and read entertainingly into the night... Whether it's keeping up with the latest models, looking at new watch reviews, checking out ideas for new straps, or just browsing hours of other geek's watch candy images, there's always something fascinating to keep you occupied.

So, we thought this month we'd bring you three MUST HAVE bookmarked websites or blogs, all in uniquely different formats just to keep it interesting for you. So here goes...

1. THE URBAN GENTRY WATCH CLUB (Closed Facebook Group)

We were only just introduced recently to The Urban Gentry Watch Club (TUGWC) by one of our customers. A private club designed for viewers of "The Urban Gentry" youtube channel, this is really a web presence for Tristano Geoffry Michele Veneto's (TGV's) youtube channel where his viewers and supporters can come to together and engage, with great user content through imagery and like minded watch chit-chat.

Be warned, this facebook group is flooded with real life user generated watch candy from like minded watch geeks and will keep you glued to your mobile screen for probably too long than you planned! The Urban Gentry Watch Club

2. /R/WATCHES SUBREDDIT (on reddit.com)

Ever tried Reddit? I know right, it's not an overly popular discussion board amongst Australians, but you need to give this a go... Reddit is like a massive super forum/blog with a topic on just about anything you can think of, including you guessed it - watches! Head over to the /R/WATCHES Subreddit to see what all the fuss is about.

Whilst it's not the prettiest blog design (fairly text heavy), it's practical and just works. What we love about this watch blog is that there is such a diverse user base with watch geeks all over the world starting horological discussions (is that even a word - horological?). There is also a great watch exchange subreddit to check out too where you can view many timepieces for sale. /R/WATCHES Subreddit

3. WORN&WOUND (Watch blog and review website)

We love worn&wound. It's got by far the sleekest web design of any watch blog we've encountered. Our favourite component of the site is definitely their watch reviews section. Laid out in medium grid image style, you can sort and apply multi filtering to all their watch reviews in a practical manner. It's just beautiful. Be mindful that being an American based site all the prices are in $USD so don't forget this before you start getting excited and drooling a little... 

These guys also have a great watch article section, where they regularly publish write up's on various horological (there we go again) topics from appealing and emerging kickstarter projects to well-known established and staple brands. This has a soft spot with us here at The Sydney Strap Co as it's one of the first watch review sites and blogs that we encountered and gave us great inspiration. worn&wound

In finishing this article, we thought we'd throw in an optional bookmark for you (yes optional... it is mandatory for you to bookmark the above sites if reading this article and you are a true watch geek!)

www.watchrecon.com- Secondhand watch search engine resource that compiles all (well, almost all) of the web's second hand watches for sale with images and pricing.

That's it all you Sydney Strappers, hope you enjoyed our selection!

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